Whidbey Island Engagement Photographer | Fort Casey Engagement | Mike & Tara | Mistry and Scott Photography

Whidbey Island Engagement Photographer | Fort Casey Engagement | Mike & Tara

A Fort Casey Engagement

We love when our clients just trust us to find them a perfect location to photograph their engagement photos. Mike and Tara really didn’t have anything specific, just spectacular engagement photos. They asked us what we thought and we had always wanted to try Fort Casey for an engagement session. Mistry went ahead and suggested a Fort Casey Engagement Session and they immediately bought into the location knowing it would be epic. We ended up there on a busy Saturday evening and we were somewhat nervous about getting photos that wouldn’t have crowds of people in the backgrounds. We ended up finding a great combination of good light, great backgrounds, and no crowds! To say we were stoked would be an understatement, and got busy photographing away! 

The evening started by just hanging out with them, getting to know them better and finding out what makes them tick! They are so warm and easy-going which made for photos that were naturally fun and playful! They weren’t afraid to be themselves and they got comfortable in front of our cameras quickly. We had a blast! 

We followed up the photos at the fort by taking a hike down to the beach and then finishing up by the lighthouse. The beach was empty which made for a really comfortable session.  They told us they were up for anything and Mike and Tara made the evening super fun. We laughed and got to know each other as we photographed them. It couldn’t have been better.

In short, we had such a fun time with Mike and Tara out at Fort Casey for this stunning engagement session by the sea. Above all, the images are just what they were hoping for and we are so happy for them. We can’t wait for Mike and Tara’s Eaglemont wedding! Enjoy these images guys!

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