THE Portrait Experience

Before we pick up our cameras to capture your family we will meet with you at a one-on-one planning consultation. Struggling with what size or type of wall art will look best, or what area of your home you will be displaying your portraits? No space for large wall art? No problem…we will help you start thinking through these decisions before your session ever begins, so that we can know exactly how to photograph your family with the end in mind. We figure out all the hard stuff first so the session can be relaxing, and fun knowing the hard work has been done and that we are taking care of all the details.

We feel that getting to know you before the session ever begins is the best way to capture your family authentically . We want to find out what each of your kiddos personalities are like... Is the oldest the pleaser? Is the middle the rebel? Are they shy, playful, adventuresome, or outgoing? How do they interact with each other? We know that knowing you a little better allows us to capture your family in a very real way.

We'll cover every question…all the questions you want to ask, and the ones you hadn’t even thought about asking, such as:
What colors and fabrics photograph best, and how to coordinate clothing so you’ll all look your very best!
A full understanding of the investment you’ll be making.
The best areas of your home for your family portraits. How to display them, and what’s included in the Mistry & Scott portrait experience.
And other topics like what to include in your session…Favorite toys? Your toddler’s blankie? Your teen’s musical instrument? The Family Pet? Yes, Yes, Yes & YES!